Cycling holidays in Girona

-- We are fully booked for March, April and May 2023 --

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Cycling holidays for groups

Let the bike trip (Race, MTB of Gravel) to Girona of your group, club or cycling team organized by us. We arrange the transfers, the accommodation, the routes, the program, Paul Kneppers. cycles with you, a mechanic is ready for you, we help with the organization for possible participation in a cycling event (a Cyclosportive is organized in the province almost every weekend), we can schedule an information evening about cycling techniques in the mountains or about training. We can arrange sports massages, rental bicycles, a support car, cycling nutrition. We only receive one group at a time in Girona and that is why we can tailor your trip completely. The focus can be on training, but of course also enjoying the bike and its surroundings. Or a combination thereof.

We adjust the accommodation to the wishes of the group. These can be apartments or a hotel in the historic center of Girona, where all the pros live. For competition cycling teams we can arrange a large house outside the city. We talk to the group beforehand and create a custom-made program with suitable routes. From the moment you arrive in Girona by plane, train or car, you will be taken care of by our team and everything is arranged.

Sample price 1 A group of 8 people for a week (7 nights): For € 375 per person, your group has; € 375,- per person your group has;

  • A luxurious and fully furnished apartment in the middle of the historic center of Girona with 4 bedrooms.
  • Will your transport be arranged between Girona airport and the apartment.
  • The group will receive an information email in advance with routes tailored to the wishes and (if desired) a cycling program.
  • Paul guides/rides along with the group.
  • You may use our mechanic if there are mechanical problems.
  • You may use our bicycle equipment and tools.
  • We arrange everything around participating in the local Cyclosportive on Sunday.
  • Possibly halfway through the week an information evening: tips & tricks about cycling / training in the mountains

Sample price 2 – A group of 12 people for a long weekend (4 nights): Before € 210,- per person we can offer the same package as example 1 with two apartments next to each other, each with 3 bedrooms.

If you want to come with a small group, please contact us to see if we can schedule joint rides with other small groups for comparable prices. Or join one of our joint training courses (see above).


For a group booking or price request, please fill in as much information as possible below and we will get back to you by email with availability and prices within at least one business day.

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