About Paul Kneppers

About Paul

Campo Bicicleta was founded by Paul Kneppers. Since August 8 2006, after completing his studies to become a math teacher, he lives in Spain for cycling. He is a so-called climber, which is why he moved to mountainous Spain.

He has ridden for four different cycling teams in Spain (amateur, semi-pro and professional): Maxxis, Massi, Telco'm and Caja Rural. Before cycling he has traveled all over Spain and lived in many places: Barcelona, Girona, Pamplona, Granada, Madrid and Malaga.

Teams in Spain

In 2007 Paul drove himself into the spotlight with the Basque team TELCO`M through a small amateur team. He would ride for this for a total of 4 years and develop as a cyclist (2008 to 2012).

In every cycling career there are moments of bad luck and for Paul it was year 2009 a hard lessonl. The season after (in 2010) was an outlier in a positive sense and he was allowed to climb the podium 16 times, with five victories (including a stage race). In addition, he won the Basque overall classification “Euskaldun” that year. A major highlight was a congratulation from Miguel Indurain on winning the Euskaldun competition.

In the year 2011, a spot became available at the pro-continental team Caja Rural. The highlight was the Tour of Portugal, where Paul and his team won both the King of the Mountains classification and the Young Rider classification.

After Cycling Teams

Ever since 2011 Paul organizes training camps for Dutch cycling teams. Campo Bicicleta arose from that and in 2013 the decision was made to do this throughout the year, starting with retraining to become a cycling coach / trainer

In Girona, Paul and his team receive cyclists all year round - competitive cyclists and recreational cyclists. Paul's specialty is organizing a Training Camps and coaching during competitions/ Cyclosportives where the emphasis is on improving cycling performance.

In addition, Paul is still racing – in 2020 for Team Smartdry. And, the summer cyclos in the Alps and Pyrenees are also invariably among his goals. In 2019 Paul rode to 10th place overall in the Marmotte Alps and in the Pyrenees Marmotte he finished in 4th place overall.

Look for all cycling adventures, results, race reports and photos the blog that Paul has kept throughout his career.