About Campo Bicicleta

Paul Kneppers

Campo Bicicleta was founded by Paul Kneppers He takes care of all communication and supervises the cycling training sessions (MTB and Race).

Since August 2006, after completing his studies to become a math teacher, he has lived in Spain for the cycling. Paul's specialty is in the mountains, which is why he ended up in Spain.

He has ridden in Spain for four different cycling teams (amateur, semi-pro and professional): Maxxis, Massi, Telcom (for 4 years) and the pro-continental Caja Rural. After this he trained as a cycling coach. Through cycling he has traveled and lived all throughout Spain in Barcelona, Pamplona, Madrid and more, .

Annemiek Bochove

Annemiek is our workshop manager, she takes care of our bikes and all the equipment.

Annemiek has been living in Girona for 5 years and loves mountain, gravel and road cycling.She is still on the podium from the last Girona MTB Challenge. If you rent a bicycle from us, you will get to know her.

Harry Kneppers

Harry handles all finance and tax matters.

Harry is Paul's father, is a mathematics teacher at TU Delft and is now retired. With Harry, who checks the company's figures in his spare time, we can be absolutely sure that no mistakes are made. He is also a fanatical cyclist who regularly helps us in Girona with guides during theme weeks, where we split up the groups.

Alexis Caceres

Our mechanic!

Colombian, absolutely crazy about mountain biking and cycling. Has lived in Girona almost all his life and knows all the MTB trails of Girona. Until 2022 he worked as a handyman, repairs in houses. But in the winter he retrained and is now doing what his heart is: in the cycling world.

Olga Lugo

Olga is the point of contact of Campo Bicicleta. She takes care of all communication, bookings and logistics. She is happy to help you make a booking and answer all your questions. Olga has been in the cycling world since her son and daughter have been cycling at a high level and in doing so she has also been drawn into this beautiful world.

We zijn op zoek naar een 2e mecanicien!

Ben jij een ervaren fiets mecanicien en wil je bij ons aan de slag? Dat kan, we zijn op zoek naar een 2e mecanicien voor vanaf 1 maart 2024. Stuur ons een mailtje voor meer informatie.