Gravel riding in Girona

Gravel riding in Girona

Girona is known as the cycling paradise of Europe. Each wind direction gives you a completely different landscape to discover.

Gravel riding is the fastest growing branch of cycling and in Girona you will find an almost inexhaustible source of gravel paths that show you the real heart of Catalonia. Campo Bicicleta offers you the opportunity to discover Girona in a unique way!

With Campo Bicicleta we travel all year round on the most beautiful roads – paved and unpaved. You have also come to the right place if you want to plan a gravel trip. With our Gravel specialist Dave you can enjoy unforgettable gravel adventures with us. Dave has a lot of experience in gravel and knows all the trails, cafes and restaurants in Girona. We customize the gravel bike holiday for your group or you can also join Gravel groups. Dave is also happy to help you improve your gravel skills. We like to welcome cyclists who have never been on a gravel bike before, as well as the most experienced gravel biker who we show to the technical sections.

You can also rent a gravel bike.

Email us at for information without obligation!

Twice a year we organize a Gravel week with individual registration. Ideal for individuals and small groups to join and for which we have a great program ready. These two weeks we will do in collaboration with Dave, the gravel specialist of Girona: