Girona Travel

Girona is now the place where more than 100 professional cyclists live and for good reason. The easily accessible town has all types of terrain for road biking close together: flat, hills, long climbs, short climbs, coast, forests. And all this on well-maintained roads with little traffic. Girona is also a paradise for Mountain Biking and Gravel, there are endless tracks through the woods, from well-maintained gravel paths to technical downhill tracks.

Paul Kneppers is your coach during your training internship. After his teacher training, he cycled professionally for 6 years for Spanish teams and then retrained as a cycling coach. His specialties are climbing, descending and overcoming the mental challenges of cycling. He has lived in Girona for more than 10 years and knows the area like the back of his hand. With his social qualities he knows how to lift the cyclist to a higher level in a cozy atmosphere. Both physically, mentally and the techniques in the mountains. Besides cycling, he also has a lot of experience in mountain biking.

We organize joint training internships that you can join (“Connect weeks”) and also training internships / cycling trips for closed groups / clubs or teams for all levels. Because training/improvement is possible at every level: from novice cyclist to professional.

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