Spring Training Camp

Travel Information

Date 12 to 19 March 2023.     Get in touch with us if you would like to arrive or leave earlier or later.

Arrival: If you book the following flights with Transavia, we arrange the transport between Barcelona airport and the accommodation in Girona:

  • Amsterdam – Barcelona, flight HV5131, departing March 12th at 11:45 AM.
  • Barcelona – Amsterdam, flight HV5134, departing March 19, 9:25 PM.

Who:For the recreational cyclist and triathlete. All levels are welcome - we will form three groups. Group 1 for Cyclo and competitive cyclists and those who train a lot. Group 2 for recreational cyclists who also remain active in the winter months by exercising at least once a week. Group 3 for those who view this week as the start-up week of the year. Non-cycling partners are welcome too!

Trip continues at: We already have enough participants to continue. And there's still enough space to register.

Price and accommodation
You can choose from the following three options:
– Shared apartment: € 465 (private room + € 175)
– Two Star Hotel :                   € 565 (private room + € 220)
– Four Star Hotel :                    € 685 (private room + € 320)


This theme week is all about improving your endurance. If you have a summer cycling goal, then spring is the time to work on your base. The better your endurance capacity (base), the more effect you will have from intensive training later in the season. This means that we will do long tours at an easy pace.

We will start on Monday with an easy spin/ introduction ride. The next two days we will build up long endurance training. Followed by a short recovery ride. The following three days we will increase the pace slightly and do some exercises in the training sessions (pedal technique exercises, strength blocks and more), all adjusted to the level of the group. And on the last day we will do a final ride to the most beautiful mountain of Girona. Every day we tackle a new route from the province of Girona. Please ask us for the exact program.

After the training sessions we arrange a lunch for the riders at our regular restaurant. Halfway through the week we organize an information evening about, among other things, training with a 'schedule' and there is plenty of room for tips & tricks for cycling techniques in the mountains.

The chaperones this week are Paul (our regular coach and owner of Campo Bicicleta), Nico (is also a coach of a Dutch Junior team) and Harry Kneppers (father of Paul) who will take our slowest cyclists with us this week.


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