Traka Girona Gravel

Travel information:

Dates: April 28th – May 4th 2024 –  consult us if you would like to arrive or leave earlier or later.

Target audience: For recreational, well-trained cyclists. Gravel experience is a plus, but not required (if in doubt, please message). Non-cycling partners are also welcome.

Availability: We still have 8 spots available, including 3 starting numbers for the Traka-200km and 5 starting numbers for the Traka-50/100km.

Cyclo: The Traka Girona – May 3rd: 360 km,   May 4th: 200 km,    May 5th: 50/100 km

Price and accommodation

You can choose from the following three options (prices are for 7 nights including breakfast):
– Shared apartment: €585  (private room + €175)
– Hotel 4*:                      €830   (private room + €370)

The registration fee for the Traka is not yet included in the prices, but we can help with registration.


A gravel week dedicated to the The Traka Girona event. A now worldwide known race in which many professionals participate. Racing takes place at the front and it is seen as a fun adventure at the back of the pack. Fun for every level!

Before the race, enjoy a week of gravel cycling in Girona. Our gravel coach Menno Driesse will give many tips this week and guide Annemiek will lead the group over the most beautiful gravel paths in Girona, where we will experience a completely different landscape every day. Beautiful surprises and special lunch spots every day. We also give tips for dinner in Girona in the evening.

During the week we also pay attention to the technique of the gravel bike and tips for The Traka, including an information evening in the garden of Campo Bicicleta including a barbecue. Clay competitions are self-sufficient. so we also prepare you as best as possible for material breakdowns and other setbacks.

It’s also possible to rent a beautiful Bianchi Impulso gravelbike – if you would like to include a rental bike, indicate this in the booking form below!

The Traka

Traka Girona had its first edition in 2019 and was a great success. The organizer Klassmark has crammed all the most beautiful gravel paths in the Girona region into one day, on Saturday, May 4. This event attracts competitors from all over Europe to battle it out on the challenging terrain in the Girona region. The famous Dutch garvel riders are also at the start here.

More information about the event can be found on the organization’s website.

If you want to take it a step further, the Traka 360 is another option that will put you in a world of pain and give you an incredible sense of achievement. This is one day earlier, namely on Friday May 3. If you prefer a shorter race, you can add a night to the week (we help with this) and then there is the 50 or 100 km version on Sunday.

We will explore parts of the course a little bit the week before and give tips for riding this cyclosportive.



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