Girona MTB Challenge

Travel Information

Date March 26 to April 2, 2023

Arrival: If you book the following flights with Transavia, we arrange the transport between Barcelona airport and the accommodation in Girona:

  • Outward Amsterdam – Barcelona, flight HV5133, departure March 26 at 6:50 PM
  • Return: Barcelona – Amsterdam, flight HV5134, departing April 2 at 9:45 PM

We also have the extra service (with extra price) to have Danny take your mountain bike from the Netherlands to Girona, ask us for info.

Who: For the fanatical recreational (and competition) MTB'er. Non-cycling partners are also welcome! Experience in mountain biking is a requirement, experience in the mountains is not necessary. Been on the bike at least 2 times a week in the months before. We may split into two groups if there is a difference in level.

Trip continues at: Minimum 6 participants

Price and accommodation
You can choose from the following three options:
– Shared apartment: € 560 (own room + € 175)
– Two star Hotel :                      € 615 (own room + € 220)
– Four Star Hotel 4:                   € 735 (own room + € 320)

We adviseren je eigen fiets mee te nemen. Je kunt dit zelf doen, of voor € 125 (retourtje) laten vervoeren door Danny: 24 maart inleveren op een centraal punt en 3 april weer ophalen.

The registration fee for the MTB Challenge is not included.      NB: We arrange your registration!


Our theme week will be all about the 'Girona MTB Challenge'. This is considered one of the most beautiful mountain bike events of the year here in Girona where mountain biking is a very big sport (even bigger than cycling). The organization is in tip-top shape with a large and beautiful start and finish location in Girona city. Three days on the most beautiful single tracks of Girona.

This week is for avid recreational mountain bikers. It is important that you have trained in the previous months (at least 1 to 3 times a week). Any difference in level in the group is not a problem, because we will hold back the first few days to start the MTB Challenge fit. When there is a lot of difference in level, we split into two groups. We have two Dutch guides: Paul Kneppers (the guide) and Danny Gevers (the coach).

On the first two days we will do quiet acclimatization rides where we will also explore parts of the course and where we will be on the bike for quite a long time, but always at a relaxed pace and the necessary coffee stops. Day three  is all about improving technique (braking, position on the MTB, difficult descents) + an extra loop for enthusiasts afterwards.

Day four an hour of loose cycling in combination with picking up the start numbers and preparing the bikes. March 31, April 1 and 2, the 3 days will take place with every day start and finish in the center of Girona where our team will also be there for the necessary encouragement!

Girona MTB Challenge

The most beautiful mountain bike event in Girona is the Girona MTB Challenge. Three days on the most beautiful single tracks of Girona. On Friday and Sunday stages of around 50 km and on Saturday the queen stage of 80 km. And every day more than 1000 vertical meters via relatively short climbs. The single tracks are technical and varied trails, but at the same time also accessible for the less experienced mountain biker. Every day there are very short stretches that get more technical, but this is manageable for those who are mountain biking in the mountains for the first time. And at the same time it is also spectacular for the experienced (competition) mountain biker. And in the back of the field it is again seen as a tour where people are less in a hurry.

The organization from the well-known company Klassmark is well organized down to the last detail. There are many professionals from all over the world at the start and with a spectacular start and finish location you are completely in the MTB atmosphere for three days.

For all information about the MTB Challenge, go to the organization's website.

During the 3 stages, our support team will always be present at the start and finish. If also indicate at different locations during the competition for water bottles and food.





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