Autumn training camp

Travel information:

Dates: September 30 until October 6.    Consult us if you want to arrive/leave earlier/later.

Target audience: For the recreational cyclist. All levels are welcome – we form two or three groups. All groups have virtually the same program, just at different paces.

Trip continues when: there is a minimum group size of 6 people per level group.

Price: €180,-

Travel and accommodation: You arrange the travel and accommodation yourself. Ask us for advice!


This week it is all about improving road biking in general. Both physically, technically and mentally. We have a varied cycling program that covers all types of training; endurance training, interval training (intensive and extensive), sprint exercises, we will climb a lot but also have a flatter day. Halfway through the week we organize an information evening about, among other things, cycling techniques in the mountains. And most importantly, we enjoy a pleasant cycling week in the sun of beautiful Girona.

This week is intended for all levels, because we start every day in three different groups with three professional coaches. Group 1 for the novice cyclist, group 2 for recreational cyclists who usually ride their bike 2 – 3 times a week and group 3 for the fanatic recreational cyclists who go for gold or a good result in cyclos. We start every morning together with a coffee on the Independencia square and we often gather again afterwards with the enthusiasts for a joint lunch in the center.

We start Monday with an easy start up ride. The next two days we do some long endurance trainings, followed by a one hour recovery training. The following three days we increase the pace slightly and do some exercises in the training (intervals, power blocks, sprints and more), all well adjusted to the level of the group. And on the last day (Sunday) we will participate with the enthusiasts in a local cyclosportive. As soon as the Catalan cyclo calendar is known, we will report here which cyclo it will be.



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