Connecting Weeks

Groups are always welcome to join us for cycling adventures in Girona throughout the year. However, we host six special weeks designed for Individual cyclists or small groups who wish to be a part of our unique Connecting weeks. Below, you’ll find information about these six weeks, each offering its own distinctive experience. Simply click on the week of your choice to learn more.

Participating in one of our Connecting weeks means we’ll handle all the logistics, ensuring you can fully enjoy your cycling experience stress free and perhaps even enhance your biking skills. Forget about obstacles like airport transfers, accommodations, arrangements, crafting a cycling itinerary, or figuring out where and what to eat or drink. We’ll take care of all that for you. Once you arrive to Girona, we’ll handle the rest. Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to non cycling partners as Girona, with its charming ambiance, offers plenty of attractions for non-riders too. We’re more than happy to provide recommendations.

All levels of cyclists are embraced during these weeks, as we kick off each day with rides tailored to two or three different skill levels. Join us for an unforgettable cycling experience in Girona!


Several times a year we organize a Cyclosportive week, both in France and in Girona, for which you can register individually.

The idea of these weeks is that we take all the worries off your hands, so that the cyclist can experience for a week the sporting effects it has on you if a team around you takes care of all the organization.

During these weeks, Paul Kneppers is the coach/team leader and will guide the group with great enthusiasm as if it were his own cycling team. He does this together with our soigneur, mechanic and a volunteer team. Paul, who regularly appears on the podium of well-known Cyclo’s every year, cycles along during the training sessions for the necessary tips.

During these weeks we combine fun with sportsmanship. Of course you are completely free to make your own plan here and there and there is always room for extra loops or shortening routes. If there is a big difference in level within the group, we will split into several groups.

View the details of the weeks below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Would you like to participate in a Cyclosportive or competition in Girona with your group, club or team? That’s possible! Cyclosportives and competitions are organized in Girona almost every weekend in March, April, May, June, September and October. Cyclosportives for recreational cyclists and competitions for competitive cyclists. Send us an email and we will make a proposal for a custom made Cyclo week!

See also our Connection weeks in Girona, which we often conclude with participation in a local Cyclosportive in Girona.