Terms and Conditions

Campo Bicicleta’s general terms and conditions apply to any agreement between Campo Bicicleta and the customer. The general terms and conditions apply to every training internship, cycling holiday and bicycle rental.

  1. Liability
  • We do everything we can to keep you safe and healthy during your holiday. However, you go on holiday entirely at your own risk.
  • Campo Bicicleta is not liable for theft, damage, illness, death, falls, changes to your trip, etc. You are fully responsible for accidents and damage while cycling. If you want to be insured during your holiday, you must take care of this yourself.
  • As a customer you have had the opportunity to check the material and see that it is suitable for the intended use.
  1. Booking and payment conditions

  • To make a reservation, mail the contract, completed and signed, back to info@campobicicleta.com. And transfer 30% of the total amount to account number ES08 0081 7021 7100 0121 4927. At the latest one month before departure, transfer the rest of the amount (including the deposit) to the above account.
  • If you participate in cycling events, you pay 100% of the registration when you make the reservation.
  • We use your personal data for our own archive and for the reservation of your accommodation in Girona. This means you don’t have to show anything during check-in and you can immediately enjoy your holiday.
  1. Security deposit

  • The security deposit is stated in the contract. You also pay the security deposit one month before departure and it will be refunded to your account 24 hours after departure, provided that no material is missing and there is no damage to the accommodation, the rest of the material and the rental bicycle (in in case you rent a bicycle).
  • We determine the deposit amount based on the number of rental bicycles. For 1 to 3 rental bicycles, the deposit is: €100. With 4 to 6 rental bikes: €200. For 6 to 10 rental bicycles: €300,- and for more than 10 rental bicycles: €500. 
  1. Cancellation

  • If you want to cancel the reservation, this must be communicated in advance via info@campobicicleta.com .
  • If you cancel up to 45 days before the arrival date, you will receive a refund of 80% of the total amount. If you cancel up to 7 days before the arrival date, you will receive a refund of 70% of the total amount. If you cancel later, we will still charge the full amount.
  • In the event of a cancellation of one or more participants of a group (partial cancellation), you should always contact Campo Bicicleta. In the event of partial cancellation, we can only reimburse the rental bicycle under the above conditions. We cannot guarantee a refund of accommodation costs, but it depends on the form of the accommodation you have chosen.
  • In the event of a partial cancellation, we will always look at a possible reimbursement of the travel sum in consultation with you (that is the main booker).
  • In case of cancellation we do not refund the subscription costs of a race, cyclosportive or event.
  • The above conditions also apply to cancellations due to force majeure (such as natural disasters) (80% return up to 45 days in advance, 70% return up to 7 days in advance and 0% return later).
  1. In case you book a full cycling holiday package

  • In case of damage or use of Campo Bicicleta equipment (such as spare bicycle equipment, cleaning equipment, tools, pump, etc.) you pay the repair (if it can be repaired) or the purchase price. With the exception of chain oil, degreasing wipes and sunscreen.
  • As a customer, you do not change the material without Campo Bicicleta’s permission. Modifications to the material without Campo Bicicleta’s permission will be considered damage.
  • You will inform Campo Bicicleta immediately if the material is damaged or missing.
  1. Accommodation

  • In case of damage of the place of your stay, you are responsible for the costs.
  • You will inform Campo Bicicleta immediately in case of damage or problems with the accommodation we rented.
  1. The rental bike

  • This is only applicable in case you rent one of our bikes. The bicycle is not insured. You are responsible for damage and theft.
  • Campo Bicicleta is alléén verantwoordelijk voor slijtage van de buitenbanden, ketting, tandwielen, kabels en remblokken. Bij elk ander soort beschadiging betaalt u de reparatiekosten of als reparatie niet mogelijk is, de inkoopprijs van het onderdeel. Bij elke (nieuwe) schram op de fiets wat niet te repareren is betaalt u € 25 per schram. 
  • You must inform Campo Bicicleta immediately in the event of any fall or damage. The bicycle must always be checked by us. This means that parts can be replaced immediately – when necessary – and you can also safely go out on the bike the following days. 
  • If you do not immediately report a fall and/or damage, you always pay the purchase price of the part.
  • In the event of theft, you pay the purchase price.
  • It is not allowed to tinker with the bicycles yourself, with the exception of adjusting the saddle height and replacing the pedals.
  • If you only rent a bike from us, no assistance on the road is included; in case of mechanical problems en route we cannot pick you up and cannot help you on location. Check the bike yourself to see if everything is in order before you start your bike ride. You can, however, contact us for advice. * If you book a package (bike holiday/ training camp with guide and accommodation) with us, this service is included.
  • If the booked bike is not available due to delivery problems of Bianchi, we will provide a bike of comparable quality if Bianchi has been able to provide us with one. Groupset and frame model can be slightly different.
  1. Guide/trainer

  • In case Paul Kneppers is ill or injured, we don't refund the costs of the guiding/training. We will arrange another guide and/or provide a route device containing GPX files of the planned routes.
  • In case we don't have a sufficient amount of participants for a Girona Connect Week, there are two options: 1. Cancellation: you will receive a refund of 100% of the total price. 2. You can participate for a reduced price. In that case we will organise a guide/trainer for half of the rides and for the other half we will provide you with a training plan and GPX file (optionally including a Garmin device).

Our cyclo-weeks in France have other terms and conditions, we will provide these together with the agreement.